Friday, September 3, 2010

Seven Months

Sitting, trying new foods (starting with veggies, of course), discovering, and rediscovering are at the very top of our little girl's list of 'likes' this month and we just can get enough of her cuteness.

Eli is enjoying having his little sister around. He may start to change his mind when she starts scooting around and slobbering on his toy cars and such. He is thrilled to finally be outside more and I'm noticing that it isn't as difficult to go places with two toddlers, at least not as difficult as I had imagined. We're all learning.

Sandy (CASA-court appointed something aid) gave Eli some super-fun sandbox toys AND a train whistle! WOW!

(sitting at the park)

(peas please)

(chair chat)

Court appointed, and monitored, visitations started up again after a few months of not happening. Birthmom was kind to let one of the court aids take a few pictures for us since these moments in history are important for children in this situation as they grow older and start to understand more.

Six Months

Doctor appointment. Kayla's CASA was there for several of them. Very nice of her.

We also had a visit with Geneal, BF's mother, and Jennifer, biological older sister. Jennifer thinks Matt is an awesome brother, BF's younger brother.

Five Months

Aaaaand we're back! For a few moments. Never stopped taking pictures though and now there are a TON to sort through. Except for March 2010. I unknowingly deleted those before I copied them to my computer (kicking myself).

During Kayla's visitations (since BP were working on adequate parenting skills) Eli and I would go to different places like the Littleton Museum, House of Bounce, raquetball court, different parks close by, and out to eat.

There were also a few good snow falls (early spring 2010) and Eli really enjoyed helping Vern plow and shovel the cul-de-sac sidewalks, walkways, and driveways. As well as taking breaks to catch the latest on sports and munch down some popcorn or apple slices. Those two sure do miss each other.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Four Months Old

February 29th marks Kayla's fourth month of life. She is noticing her hands and other objects such as rattles and other toys hanging from her play mat or floor mobile. She enjoys swinging, listening to music, people singing and talking to her, and watching everything in her immediate environment.

Bathing and swimming seem to be two of her favorite activities. She also enjoys cuddles and being rocked/bounced/patted to sleep.

Mornings start as early as 6:15am when she wakes up cooing and babbling happily. By 7:30am she is ready for breakfast. After eating, burping (dry and juicy), and getting a clean diaper on, Kayla sits in her bumbo (infant chair) and watches everyone eat, make lunches, and even joins in on the breakfast-table conversations with her smiles and squeals and grunts.

Valentine's Day

Kayla is very vocal these days exploring all of the sounds and pitches her little vocal chords can muster. I think in this sitting she just might be singing, "You Are My Sunshine". Getting those hand and foot prints wasn't easy since she is still a very wiggly baby. Bet she'll be a fast crawler... look out! :D

Months Two to Three

Kayla's starting to get the hang of things. She is startled less and less. She practiced smiling for a few weeks and finally got both sides to do the job nicely (about 7 weeks old).

Now she's working on using her voice for more than just crying. She coos and babbles as much as possible while she's awake.

Bath time is getting easier.

Awake time is getting longer and longer too. What used to be a 10 minute cooing session has now turned into up to an hour of looking all about, babbling to everyone, watching Eli play music and dance, trying to sit up with assistance, and generally enjoying looking at things and listening to music (mostly classical and other soft, gentle tunes). She also LOVES being rocked to sleep in the swing, and of course, she likes to be held.

Her first Christmas was filled with activities, hugs, cuddles, and visits with cousins, great-grandparents, and all kinds of family and friends.