Sunday, May 3, 2009

February Through April

Finally getting around to posting some more recent pictures...

Painting Easter eggs. Too bad the rain ruined the Easter egg hunt.

He's not very picky about what he eats, so the shells probably wouldn't even bother him. One day Emily handed him a half-peeled banana, and instead of biting from the peeled end, he bit off the other end and ate peel and all.

Reading stories with Grandpa and Grandma.

Yep, he's finally walking. It only took 15 months.

Playing with Grandpa's puppy. Eli LOVES animals. One night we went to visit a friend who has some cats, and Eli spent the whole night following one of them all around the house. Seems like he's too shy to touch them though. If they ever stop long enough for him to get close, he just sits there and stares at them.

Playing at the pool. Eli must have liked the goggles because he left them on for a while.

Swimming in the lazy river with Aunt Teila and cousin Mylee.

Mylee is almost as cute as Eli. :)

Playing with daddy's glove. Who needs toys when there's so many more interesting things around the house? :)

Helping mommy clean off the beaters after making icing.