Sunday, August 31, 2008

Camping Trip

Eli's favorite toys to suck on are his brush and comb.

See the two bottom teeth coming in? Looks like the top ones might be coming in soon too.

Eli loves playing in the water at the rec center.

When we put Eli in the car seat, he hasn't figured out that he has to tip the bottle up to get the milk. Solution - tip the car seat back. :)

So many things to put in the mouth, and so little time...

We went on a family campout in Utah. Eli stared at the fire with a dazed look for a long time.

Ashley (Dale's sister-in-law) snuggling with Eli.

Uncle Luke has a baby boy (Todd) who is only a month younger than Eli. But Eli is so much more fun to hold. :)

Lil' cub finds the grub.

Zonked in the tent with one leg up on the air mattress.

Sitting on Uncle Russell's motorcycle.

Going for a walk with Grandpa.

Eli meeting great-grandpa Dale Francom for the first time.

Eli loves to touch other babies (this time it was Mylee - Eli's cousin). We have to be careful though because he still doesn't understand that it will make them cry when he pulls their hair.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fun Days

Eli can't crawl yet, but he gets up on his hands and pushes himself backwards just a little bit at a time. One day, he backed himself up until he was stuck under the bed.

Couldn't lift his head up since the bed was in the way, so he got tired and just laid down.

Emily bought a cute little hat for Eli before we went on another hike, to make sure that he wouldn't get sunburned.

Starting a hike up Quandary Peak. Didn't make it to the top though - we'll have to go back another time.

Whenever Eli hears a sound he doesn't recognize, he gets a worried look and looks around until he figures out where it's coming from. Today it was a dog in the neighborhood that startled him.

Visiting Teila (Dale's sister) and RJ and baby Mylee on the way to Utah for an overdue vacation.