Sunday, June 8, 2008

Firsts: Hiking, Pie, and Rolling Over (Almost)

We took Eli on his first hike this weekend. As usual, he acted pretty indifferent to the experience.

After about an hour of hiking, Eli started getting tired...

...and then he completely zonked, in spite of the bouncing with each step.

This was a surprise: Eli hasn't ever rolled over on his own, and we usually lay Eli down to sleep on his back since he cries if he has to be on his tummy for more than a couple minutes. But one day we found him sleeping almost on his stomach. We figured that he probably fell asleep while trying to reach for one of the teddy bears at the head of the crib.

Eli plays with his toes a lot now. He even tries to suck on them every now and then.

Dale had a birthday recently, so we let Eli have his first taste of pie. He loved it, but had a hard time figuring out how to get it into his mouth. He usually picks stuff up by closing his whole hand around it, which makes it a little difficult to transfer it into his mouth. :)

Bath time again... Emily decided to try a spikey hairdo this week.