Sunday, February 8, 2009

Christmas Vacation

We've been slacking on putting up new pictures, so these first few pics are a few months old. For Thanksgiving vacation, we drove to Utah and spent a week with Dale's family, and attended Emily's brother's wedding.

Exploring the shower.

Emily's brother was married in the Salt Lake temple the weekend before Thanksgiving, which was convenient timing for us to be able to attend. The extended family picture is not yet in our collection, we hope to get a copy soon.

On the airplane heading for Idaho to spend Christmas with Emily's parents. It was way past Eli's bedtime, but there was no way we were going to get him to go to sleep. So it wasn't a very pleasant ride.

Looks like Grandma is spoiling Eli again.

Eli enjoyed being entertained by Auntie Leah.

Playing with blocks. The Uncles, being the engineers that they are, had to put the blocks to good use and Eli wanted to be right there with them. About 14 different buildings were constructed and creatively destroyed.

It was so great to visit one of Emily's college roommates and her family while we were in Idaho.

Eli playing with his cousins a few days after Christmas.

Lots of time lounging, reading, playing with cars, trying to get in on a pool game, and crawling everywhere.

Spent a lot of time with Uncle Aaron.

Emily and Eli try to get to the library for story time once a week. He loves the magnets at the end of the bookshelves. He also loves giving the librarians more books to reshelve if Mommy isn't paying attention.

Toy snake and alligator, two of his favorite toys at Grandma Becky's.

Eli loves to "help" mommy with the dishes.

Uh-oh! Emily just had to get this picture of Eli 'helping' when she wasn't looking. Why is it so difficult to get after toddlers at times like this?