Thursday, November 6, 2008

10, 11, 12.... Updates From The Last Few Months

Good morning cute little bed-head! Independant eating. It seems he's having trouble getting that oatmeal IN his tummy.

I love fresh tomatoes from the garden. Eli does too!

Can't get enough of playing in the water... swimming, shower, bath, sprinkler, faucet... We'll have to get locks for the toilet lids pretty soon.

We find him sleeping like this every once in a while. He used to sleep like this a lot more often but he is obviously getting too big to continue the habit.

His hair doesn't stick up like it used to. It's getting longer.

There was a free zoo day in October and since Dale was out of town, we decided to get out of the house and brave the crowds. Eli made a barking sound for every animal that we came to, even the crane from this video clip. Did we mention that he loves dogs?

Em created a scarecrow costume for Eli this Halloween and visited a few neighbors. He loves how cozy-soft it is. He wouldn't keep his little hat on so it is pinned to the back of his costume. Yes, his hair is spritzed for volume.

We heard the neighbor's dogs and since Eli loves dogs we stop and mimick thier barks. 'Dog' has become his most signed word this month. Even more than 'eat' which he signs a lot.

(Shhhhhh--- I'm hunting Screamapillars.)

(...don't want to startle him)

In addition to leaves, grass, dirt, and flies, Eli enjoys chewing on rocks. No doubt, any dental hygenist would squirm at the thought. The sound is similar to fingernails on a chalkboard.

(more information on 'screamapillars' can be found at: and also at; It appears that the episode is no longer available. I searched for hours and couldn't find it in the archives.)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Birthday, Eli!!!!!

Pizza for dinner

Looking at cards and opening up presents

Of course, we had to read them for him.

Playing with his cars and eating Skittles

We haven't been able to catch any of his sign language on video but we did catch his sound effects while playing with his cars! He's been doing this for a few weeks now and we think he is so adorable. Unfortunately, the sound here is not that great.

Scaring Mommy by getting too close to the fire. She quickly blew it out for him. He does a cute little puff of air when he tries to copy us.

What can we say, the boy hates cake. And now we know.

After cleaning up the cake fiasco, he wanted a cookie. And thanks to a certain little friend who likes snickerdoodles and NOT peanutbutter cookies, we have several dozen snickerdoodles... no joke. Some neighbors might be finding bags of cookies on their doorstep this week.

Boy's got style -- classy

Daddy wasn't home on the actual birthday day so before he went out of town, he took us out for a birthday lunch. We had his party after Daddy got back. Love'n dessert!