Sunday, October 21, 2012

Summer Fun

A very favorite song at our house, "From God's Arms to My Arms to Yours" by Michael McLean. May holds a very Happy Adoption Day, Eli!

(video coming soon)

Like peas in a pod, these little ones do just about everything together. From morning till night... baths, meals, digging up the yard, discovering the many wonders of local parks and museums and libraries, naps, family birthday parties, camping, swimming, and so much more... if you can even imagine that! Here are several pictures, but not all, from our "Summer of Fun".

A few more videos.(coming soon)


June - an excellent month for 'living' at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

"Mom, look! It's a huge moth."


July- Happy Independence Day!

Encouraging a friend from the side-lines of a 4th of July 5K - always a great first! Awesome uphill gate Little One!

Eli biked just under 3 miles today!!! He asked if we could go biking and I asked him where he wanted to go. We finally settled on the library with a stop for a picnic lunch. He only whined it at the very end; 15 houses from home.... the way back home was all uphill. Wow!!! What an amazing little biker!!!

11-Mile Campgrounds have a few really great 'hike-to' sites and a great view. Let's use a canoe or something next time... hiking all our stuff in was not the funnest way to start and end a campout.... with toddlers.

Look at all those teeth! Are they really supposed to have that many this young? ;)

Gave the RockPile a try during our Mommy-Son date night. It was worth a try. Eli was more interested in the train yard back beyond the seating area.

Took a class about snakes with a friend and got to pet and hold one... careful! They 'skunk' - yuck! Practiced wrangling a stuffed snake.

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